ManyPrimates - Establishing A Culture Of Collaboration In Primate Cognition Research

The ManyPrimates project was initiated to facilitate collaboration across study sites in primate cognition research.

INFRAFRONTIER - Mouse Disease Models

INFRAFRONTIER is the European Research Infrastructure for the generation, phenotyping, archiving and distribution of model mammalian genomes.

International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR)

The IMSR is a searchable online database of mouse strains, stocks, and mutant ES cell lines available worldwide, including inbred, mutant, and genetically engineered strains.

The 3Rs: What are Medical Scientists Doing about Animal Testing?

As part of a series called Frontiers for Young Minds, Rachel Tanner has written an educational resource for kids about animal research called The 3Rs: What are Medical Scientists Doing about Animal Testing?

Kids Public Engagement
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Jackson Laboratory - Online Mini Courses

A series of Free Online Self-Paced Mini Courses offered by The Jackson Laboratory.

Virtual Lab Animal Tour

Understanding Animal Research have released their Lab Animal Tour, a ‘street view’ into four animal research facilities in the UK. This digital tour allows users to move around the University of Bristol, University of Oxford, Mary Lyon Centre at the MRC Harwell, and The Pirbright Institute, providing the viewer with 360 degree vision of animal rooms and surgical suites.

Engagement Video
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ALURES Statistical EU Database

The ALURES Statistical EU Database offers free access to all interested in obtaining more information on animal use in the EU.

Database Statistics
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Changing mouse handling practice at a university establishment - blog post

In this NC3Rs blog post, the University of Glasgow’s Named Training and Competency Officer shares her experience of implementing refined mouse handling across the institution.

A Technician-led Approach to Altering the Culture of Care Regarding Blood Sampling Poster

A Culture of Care Regarding Blood Sampling Poster developed by Nicholas Kaye, BRF Research Scientist, The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK.

LASA DOPS website

A publicly-available resource which is invaluable in disseminating good practice through the animal research community, and complements other training and competency resources.

DOPS LASA Training
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3Rs News from the NC3Rs

Visit for news and updates on the 3Rs in the UK

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PIL Course Training

Visit for lab animal technician and researcher online training

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