Rat Tickling Certification Course

Tickling is increasingly recognised as an effective means of improving laboratory rat welfare through mimicking natural play habits. Here we bring together resources on rat tickling and how it can be used to promote positive human-animal interactions.

This online course from Purdue University, which was funded by the Animal Welfare Institute, was created by Dr Megan LaFollette (North American 3Rs Collaborative) and colleagues with the aim of allowing you to become certified in the correct rat tickling technique.

This course is best for individuals who want to apply rat tickling in their facilities and receive a certificate for their efforts.

For those who do not wish do get a certificate there is the option of undertaking the rat tickling open course, which will allow you to learn a few things about rat tickling. You can access the rat tickling open course using the same link as the certification course - just click on the 'open course' option when prompted.

Access via the NC3Rs website at nc3rs.org.uk/3rs-resources/rat-tickling/rat-tickling-certification

Last updated on 17th October 2022

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